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Getting Your Email Delivered

Getting your email delivered is very important to your or you wouldn’t be sending it right? Find out what you can do to get your email delivered to its intended recipient every season of the year!

Getting your email delivered ANY time of year

If getting your email to your leads’ inboxes is important, then it is important to understand how the email world works. It is key to know why some emails are getting to their desired inboxes and why some aren’t, and what to do about it when emails don’t get delivered.

Understanding what’s happening to your email will enable you to make better decisions about your email delivery, and what you need to do to make sure your emails don’t get lost in the email world.

Let’s start at the beginning

There is an ongoing war for the control of your inbox. Many people spend more time with their email now than they do watching television. On television, networks create amazing shows that are enticing and get you to watch advertisements that are slotted throughout the show, which are sold to advertisers. Your attention is being sold for profit. Now imagine if high-tech geeks figured out how to take over the airwaves and broadcast their own programs, steal your attention, and worse, figure out a way to use their new attention stealing skills to get money.

In the world of email, the stakes are the same, but the players are different. Instead of television networks, it is the Internet Service Providers that are having their clients’ attention stolen. The high-techies are the same in both scenarios, but instead of stealing airwaves and broadcasting their programs, they are filling your inbox with absurd offers and invitations to send money to different countries in need.

We call those people spammers. Did you know that 91% of all email sent in the world is spam? That 54% of emails sent by businesses are marketing messages? Just imagine the amount of attackers battling for your email attention. Let’s go over all the players involved in the war for inboxes:

1. The “ISPs”: These are the guys that run your mailbox and try to keep as much spam out as possible.

2. The Spammers: These folks are the ones sending out the unwanted emails.

3. The Recipients: This is you and the others that receive the 200+ billion emails sent out each day.

4. The ESPs:That is, the email service providers.

The history of spam is very similar to the other histories of a war: each side moves as quickly as possible to gain control. In the very beginning, there was a high amount of spam reaching every inbox. How many email addresses did you have to abandon because they got overrun by spam?

Over time, the amount of spam mail received slowed down due to the ISPs setting up content filters and finding out where the spam was being sent from. Did the spammers stop? Absolutely not. They just found new loopholes to getting their spam delivered. Eventually, the ISPs won and the spammers are getting their butts kicked. Good right? Well, yes and no. Less spam is getting received everyday, but it’s the good folks out there that have to really work and jump through hoops to avoid getting your emails marked as spam by users.

Now What?

During the holiday seasons it’s crucial to know how to properly construct and send an email so that it isn’t getting lost. Cyber Monday takes the cake as the busiest day for email marketing, with Thanksgiving Day following up as a close second and Black Friday as the third busiest. With a high influx of emails sent out over these three days, recipients are less likely to read, open or even click on these emails and instead are being marked as spam.

Let me ask you this: Do you know what you have to do in order to avoid getting marked as a spammer by users during the holiday season, and in general?

Your email reputation lives and dies by the simple click of a ‘this is spam’ button. How do you get your email delivered while protecting your email integrity and reputation? It is easier than you think. ONTRAPORT is here to help you succeed in your email delivery during this holiday season.

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