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Email’s Not Dead

Email  Marketing - Dead, dying, done...NOT! Have you heard rumors around the web that email marketing is dying? Don’t believe them! Even though there’s a grain of truth hidden deep in this concern, rest assured...
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Getting Your Email Delivered

Getting your email delivered ANY time of year If getting your email to your leads’ inboxes is important, then it is important to understand how the email world works. It is key to know why...
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The Importance of Good Subject Lines

In the last post, I covered the cleaning and maintaining of your contact lists to help maximize the deliverability for email newsletters. Today, I will review the importance of good subject lines in your email...
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Message Scheduling

Hi everyone, this is Ryan Allis, CEO of iContact. A lot of great things have happened in the past few months that I can’t wait to share with you in future posts. Over the past...
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Thoughts on a case study

I recently read a case study on Marketing Sherpa about one of the most successful product releases in Trek Bicycle's history. The company released the product after a multi-channel, web-based marketing campaign. The culmination of the campaign was...
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The Benefits of Email Marketing

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I first started using email for marketing. There are some obvious down-sides: mostly the effort you must put in to avoid being thought as spam. But, if...
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Guidelines for Reducing Bounces

Last time I talked about how important it is to remove bounced addresses from your contact lists. This helps reduce your amount of bounced messages. You can reduce the number of bounces by following some...
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Managing Email Bounces

Managing and reducing email bounces is crucial for email marketing. The more emails that get through, the higher your conversion rates and return on investment will be. On average, about 10% of sent emails bounce....
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The Deliverability Challenge

Email is a powerful marketing tool. It certainly beats the price of print advertisements. However, one major challenge is to make sure your messages aren't lumped in with spam. It's estimated that between 70 and...
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Personalizing your messages

Mass communication tools help any organization spread their message with lightning speed. As small business owners, we can communicate with clients across the globe. Our messages can be heard in Russia, Germany and Canada simultaneously....
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Timing is Everything

So your customers log into their in-box. They don't see your message; it's lodged between two other emails down at the bottom of the page. You normally have excellent open rates, but this message just...
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Maximizing the power of your subject lines

Last time I talked about using a consistent 'From' name and address for your messages. I explained the importance of maintaining a recognizable identity with your customers. In my experience, doing this has often made...
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Email marketing tips 1-5

Here are email marketing tips 1-5 for this week: #5 Be consistent with your sending frequency. Pick a schedule, whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and as often as you can stick to that...
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The Top Ten Email Marketing Tips

Let's begin with the most important information first. Here is a Top 10 Countdown on the important tips for anyone managing the email marketing process from my perspective. Tips Five through One will be coming...