Thoughts on a case study

I recently read a case study on Marketing Sherpa about one of the
most successful product releases in Trek Bicycle's history. The company
released the product after a multi-channel, web-based
marketing campaign. The culmination of the campaign was a single
well-crafted, perfectly-timed email.

The article talks about how the marketing team at Trek Bicycle hyped
the product release using  web-based communications. Some important
notes from the study are:

Build a quality list- If you've read my other posts, you know it's
more important to have a relevant list than a large list. It's easier
to write a message for a focused audience than a large group.  

Write to your audience- The study explains how the team marketed to
biking aficionados. Who is your audience? What do they want to read
about? It may seem self-evident, but make sure you consider your
audience when you craft your campaign.    

Content, content, content- An email's design is important. Your
template helps reinforce your brand. Just don't overlook the text. The
team in the study made sure the focus was on the email's text, since
the images weren't enough to convey the whole message. (This is
particularly important since many email programs have images
automatically turned off).  

Time your message well- The crux of the study was how the marketing
team readied the audience for the final release. The team used multiple
methods to hype their email release. While email can be a powerful tool
on its own, it becomes even more effective when you complement it with
other methods. The team used blogs, websites and  word-of-mouth to
increase the email's eventual effect.  

The article includes other great tips. To read the complete case study, visit

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