I’m giving gorilla tactics a whole new meaning

Hi gang,

I am so honored and excited to be back in the Blogging fold here at SUN!

(queue cheesy organ music)

"When we last spoke to Inflatable Madness,  they were a top eBay seller, selling movies, music and games by the hundreds of thousands on eBay.  Kevin Harmon, their CEO, spoke with the Sloan Bros on SUN Radio here:


Kevin blogged frequently about eBay here:


Sooooo,  that was over a year ago – what is Inflatable Madness up to these days?"

(cheesy organ music crescendo)

Lots has changed in a year – welcome to ecommerce!   Inflatable Madness has doubled in size since we last spoke, and you will now enjoy my rants, ravings, and bad jokes here on a new Blog headline we’ve created called "Ecommerce Trends and Tactics from the Frontlines".

Why, you ask?

Because eBay just can’t hold a company like us – now we’re bad, we’re nationwide.  Life here is not all about eBay anymore – our eyes are wide open to the other 85% of ecommerce out in the world.

No worries – I have a lot to say about the current state of affairs at eBay, and by gum, I will say it!  There is much more now to talk about though.  Amazon! Overstock! Google! Microsoft! CPC’s! CTRs! Search!  It will go on and on and on, just like this post.

I’m glad to be back – standby for tactics from the head gorilla.





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