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Neuromarketing: Why Marketing is All in the Mind

“Logic will get you from A to Z … imagination will get you everywhere," are not just famous words by Albert Einstein, but a clever tactic used all the time, by the world’s greatest novelists, movie-makers, world leaders, orators, advertising execs and marketing gurus. Now, with the help of new discoveries in neuroscience, you can...
younger consumers
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Marketing to Younger Consumers: Q&A with Fuse’s Issa Sawabini

Forbes has dubbed 2016 the year of the millennial consumer. Large and small companies hope to gain the attention of these younger consumers, but traditional strategies like TV or print ads may not work, since many of them stream videos and read news via social media. To help you understand the marketing preferences of this...
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The Downside of Guerrilla Marketing-Four Things You Need to Know

If you have ever seen a group of people suddenly start dancing in the mall, noticed a barrage of bumper stickers covering surfaces downtown, or been attracted to an unusual display in a shop window or on a street corner, you have experienced guerilla marketing.  This strategy, which is touted as a low-cost, high-impact alternative...
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5 Tips for Using Email Marketing to Boost Your Business

Every small business owner understands the value of building relationships with customers.  But many of us get lost when it comes to building relationships with potential customers. As a business owner, I've learned that success in marketing is all about timing. The optimal time for a business to sell a product or service to a...
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I’m giving gorilla tactics a whole new meaning

Hi gang, I am so honored and excited to be back in the Blogging fold here at SUN! (queue cheesy organ music) "When we last spoke to Inflatable Madness,  they were a top eBay seller, selling movies, music and games by the hundreds of thousands on eBay.  Kevin Harmon, their CEO, spoke with the Sloan...