Improving Content in Email Messages

More than half of all email users today are using multiple accounts. Because of this, email marketers believe standard email messages are less targeted to users and are falling on deaf ears. Creating effective content for your email campaigns can help determine how responsive your target audience is and help define your own email marketing metrics.

So exactly how do you center your email messages to provide the most amount of content without turning away clients and interested parties? Below, I have included a list of tips to help boost your email content.

  • Coordinate your email campaign flow. Planning a course of action for your campaigns, including implementing a predictable schedule, will allow users a sense of consistency with each new message.  If you are trying to build a solid customer base, use email marketing tools, such as surveys, to get effective feedback. iContact has an easy, customizable survey creation tool included in each subscription to track results and responses.
  • Clear Subject Lines. The subject line is the first thing viewers will see when receiving your email. Make subject titles clear and concise and avoid, “spam-like” words such as, “Discount!” or “Free.”

  • Use relevancy. Writing compelling ads and featuring content that is helpful to your users will make for better click through rates and readability. Many readers are lead astray by email marketers over communicating their message or providing information that is already found on their website.
  • Sense of Exclusivity. Recipients should feel as if they have special right to your content or updates. By creating incentives or displaying offers to your products or services, they become engaged in your email campaign and more likely to stay subscribed.

While this is a basic plan for any email marketing campaign, check out iContact’s “Best Practices for Email Marketers” whitepaper for more information.  Have a great weekend, and I will be back next week with more email marketing advice.


Ryan Allis

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