Beware SEO Bundling!

You’ve seen the bundled services for Internet, phone and television which can often save you a lot of money. Well, today you’ll also see a lot of these “bundled” services for search engine optimization, or SEO.

With the tough economy, many businesses are trying to branch out and offer customers unique packages at a discount. And since many technology companies and Web design firms deal with creating Websites, they add SEO to their list of services.

Right away, you may think, “This is great! The same person who is creating my Website design can add all of the copy so that the search engines can find my business online. I’ll save time and money with a one-stop shop.”

Hold on! While SEO involves coding and tagging your Website, it’s not about technology.

SEO is about providing valuable content to your customers.

And the only way to do this is to have a trained, SEO copywriter write your SEO copy and tagging for you. A good, SEO copywriter will:

  • Conduct extensive research on the top keywords your business should use to reach your particular goals. This includes competitive research, keyword popularity research and common sense.
  • Use the top keywords for your business to provide beneficial information to your customers.
  • Write copy that is interesting, pertinent to your target market and shows up on the search engines.
  • Monitor your keywords and make changes immediately to get the best results.

While a graphic designer can be fabulous at Web design, you need an SEO copywriter to write your copy. You are dealing with two, completely different fields – one is trained on the technology side to create a killer Website design. The other has spent years perfecting the craft of writing copy that sells.

Keep Your Experts Separate for the Best Results.

While you can save time and money at a “one stop shop” for your Website, you may not get the end results you want. With Google’s recent updates and others, the search engines are looking for valuable content. Only an expert copywriter knows how to write this copy. If you have a technician writing your copy, it may have lots of SEO keywords in it, but it won’t necessarily provide value to customers and sell your products and services the right way.

With this in mind, take the time to conduct the appropriate research the next time you are looking for to create or update your Website. Find an experienced expert for the technology and Web-design side of things. Then, look for a professional, SEO copywriter who can write valuable copy for your customers and the search engines. In the end, you’ll get more attention online and increase sales.

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