Localizing your Email Marketing Campaigns

Initiating worldwide email campaigns can be great for business. What better way to grow your company than to expand your product or service and tackle international markets.If you’re a company that is new to doing business internationally, you might find it hard to tailor your email campaigns so they are well received by readers in other countries.

Since localization is a form of segmentation, you must be aware of specific languages as well as certain cultural and social customs that would affect your sending reputation. Many countries have a variety of different cultures within their borders and therefore it is imperative to target these audiences individually to improve results.

Also take note that when sending your messages, salutations are perceived differently in other cultures. Some countries embrace personalized emails and you will see positive outcomes. In others, people interpret salutations as an invasion of privacy.

Probably the most important rule when localizing your email campaigns to specific regions of the world is to adhere to their laws. Anti-spam requirements are the most important, but you also want to investigate any other laws that might involve doing business electronically or the use of personal information.

Thanks for reading. I will be back next week to discuss more topics on email marketing.


Ryan Allis

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