Making the Most of Email Marketing in a Faint Economy

As the economy begins to slow, more companies are taking a valiant approach to conserve resources. When corporate budgets are tight and businesses are looking to cut costs, they tend to first review and often cut marketing expenditures. Utilizing email marketing campaigns often prove to be an inexpensive method to reach customers during economic downturns.

 When analyzing whether your email marketing campaigns will perform in specific circumstances, it is best to align your marketing initiatives directly with business goals.  This means analyzing clicks and open rates and balancing them with tangible metrics. Such metrics include the amount of actual revenue received, number of qualified sales leads, and margin improvements gained on each email campaign.

 Another way to be well prepared through difficult economic times is to examine past year’s results looking for trends or missed opportunities. Everyone learns from mistakes and email marketers are no different.

If you use iContact as your email marketing service provider, we have a unique tracking feature that allows you to evaluate prior email campaigns. You can locate trends, assess your results, and edit your campaigns in order to hit your initial goals. If you would like to test our service, feel free to sign up with a free 15-day trial account. 

Have a great weekend and I will be back next week to discuss more tips in email marketing.


Ryan Allis


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