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8 Common SEO Mistakes SaaS Companies Should Avoid

Some studies have shown companies estimate 70% of their business applications fall into the software-as-a-service (SaaS) category. The demand for such applications has also risen immensely among software engineers.

In 2023, the SaaS industry will remain one of the largest in the public cloud market segment. The usage of SaaS products shows no sign of slowing down, as Gartner forecasts 16.8% growth in 2023.

With this comes the emergence of various small and medium SaaS developing companies. Such companies can sell their SaaS products in a better way if they strategically invest in online marketing. Among different online marketing strategies, SEO is the most crucial strategy that brings profound brand exposure to SaaS companies.

The best way to avoid SEO mistakes is to know those mistakes and learn the solutions to avoid them. In this article, you’ll find a complete guide to avoid making the most common mistakes in SaaS SEO campaigns.

1. Picking Keywords without Research

The keywords you choose for an SEO campaign will determine the campaign’s success later. Therefore, you should pick the keywords carefully by using a reliable keyword research tool. Choosing keywords without knowing search volumes is running an SEO campaign blindly.

A keyword research tool can help you in multiple ways:

  • The tool helps you know the search volume and competition on a particular keyword.
  • You can check the search volumes of the keywords according to the geographic regions.
  • The tool suggests keywords according to your business domain, saving precious time.

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2. Poor Content Writing Skill

Content writing is the most crucial aspect of an SEO campaign. Typically, you need two types of content for your SEO campaign. First, you need content for your website, which should be keyword-rich, relevant, and precise. Rendering informative content increases the value of your website among search engines. Therefore, your website will likely find top search engine page rankings for certain keywords.

Besides website content, your business also needs content for an off-page SEO campaign. Nowadays, a SaaS business should develop different types of content for the off-page campaign. For example, you need informative and well-researched content for article marketing. At the same time, businesses need engaging content for onsite blogs, guest blogs, and other blogging platforms.

Content is also crucial for microblogging and social media websites. Developing keyword-rich and informative content gives you an obvious advantage over your competitors. Well-written content attracts more readers and impresses search engines. On the other hand, poorly written content leads to disastrous SEO results. Therefore, SaaS companies should avoid using spinning tools to craft content. Using a manual approach to writing content brings the best SEO result.

3. Link Building Mistakes

Link-building mistakes lead to poor SEO performance for SaaS businesses. Some of those mistakes include:

  • Duplicate Content: Using duplicate content for link building is a big mistake you must avoid at any cost. Duplicate content creates a long-term negative impact on your SEO campaign.
  • Poor Third-Party Websites: SaaS businesses post content on third-party websites to build inbound links. However, choosing the right third-party websites for content marketing is essential. A link from a website with a poor reputation can negatively impact the overall SEO campaign.
  • Misleading Content: Is your blog and article marketing misleading? Google and other search engines have strict policies against misleading content. You should craft content that offers truthful information to readers.
  • Broken Links: The inbound link you have created should land on your business website without any diversion. Moreover, it’s crucial to check the link before creating the backlink. A broken link added as an inbound link will fetch zero impact on your SEO campaign.

Inbound link-building is a systematic process that should be done with patience and precision. You may encounter multiple errors in inbound link building, and using a backlink monitor tool is essential for this reason. The tool helps users check the websites that have linked your website pages. Sometimes, competitors link your website pages with third-party websites with poor reputations. The backlink monitor tool helps identify mischievous activities and take appropriate measures quickly.

4. Ignoring the Website Loading Speed Optimization

A slow website affects your SEO campaign. You should check the website’s loading speed and take measures to optimize it. Here are some tips to improve the website’s loading speed:

  • Change the Hosting Server: Using a low-quality website hosting server can be a reason for the slow-loading speed. You can optimize the loading speed to a large extent by upgrading your hosting server. Choosing a good hosting service also helps you avoid frequent downtimes.
  • Remove High-Resolution Images: Using high-resolution images on the website may lead to a loading speed error. You can resize the images and reduce the resolution to optimize the loading speed of your SaaS business website.
  • Avoid Uploading Videos Directly on the Website: Uploading videos on the website will significantly reduce loading speed. A big video file will take a long time to load, eventually making people who visit your website angry. Instead of uploading videos, you can embed the videos from third-party websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.

5. Ignoring the Target Audiences

While planning an SEO campaign, you should build strategies incorporating the target audiences. Your target audience is the most crucial factor for the success of your SEO campaign.

The first step to rectify this error is deciding the target audience. The typical target audience for SaaS businesses is IT analysts, programmers, and developers. Moreover, small and large IT enterprises need SaaS applications to run various business activities.

Businesses should find target audiences according to their business activities. For example, a SaaS developer only deals with developing SaaS applications for the finance industry. Similarly, another business may develop SaaS applications for some specific industries.

6. Continuous Effort in SEO Campaign

SaaS businesses should put continuous efforts into managing and running SEO campaigns. Running an SEO campaign requires patience, as the average result shows after 3-6 months. The result can also be delayed depending on the market situation, competition, and your campaign efforts.

Many businesses expect quick results through SEO, which only happens occasionally. As a result, the businesses become frustrated, as they need to see a visible effect. However, it would help if you kept the investment intact in SEO under such conditions.

7. Not Monitoring SEO Performance

Every SEO campaign starts with certain strategies, though some of those strategies need to be revised. You should identify the SEO techniques that do not fetch results for your business.

Monitoring the performance will help you develop new or innovative SEO campaign strategies. It will also reduce your unnecessary expenses in running the campaign. You can use the Google Analytics tool to monitor your SaaS SEO performance (which you can read more about here). Moreover, you will find many third-party tools to monitor and analyze the SEO campaign.

8. Ignoring Website Updates and Maintenance

Your SEO ranking will only improve if you update and maintain the website after certain intervals. The website should have a seamless loading speed and high-standard data security. Therefore, you should clear cache files and resize the large images to optimize website loading speed. On the other hand, you should update the security patches to protect the website data from hacking, phishing, and other virtual threats.

A well-maintained website improves the experience of website visitors and clients. At the same time, it improves your website’s SEO performance. Google and other search engines love websites that are flawless in security and performance. You can use the web audit tool to monitor the website after certain intervals and fix the problems recognized by the tool.


These are the common mistakes that SaaS businesses should avoid while running a SaaS SEO Campaign. A well-managed campaign that bypasses the above errors or mistakes will fetch you quick and seamless SEO results. Your SaaS business will find more clients successfully through such a well-planned SEO campaign.

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