Quality Control for Your Emails

 Have you ever received or sent out emails that have misspelled subject lines, faulty images, or broken hyperlinks? The quality of your email can not only do damage to your campaigns, but more importantly it can affect your email lists, your reputation, and even your bottom line.

 With a little preparation and quality control, you can reduce the amount of errors found in your emails.  Here are a few steps to follow that will help you well before you press the send button.

  • Check your contact list. This is often the most overlooked task. Sending your emails to the wrong recipients can confuse and lead readers to unsubscribe to your email list.


  • Click all links and links associate with any images in your emails. Make sure any external links placed in your emails are functional. Many users have images disabled through their email client. Be sure to use Alt attributes (a text equivalent to each image) to ensure your images can be viewed by all readers. 


  • Proofread and verify important information. Double check all dates, company information, and copyright material.

  • Preview and test your email.  As a final step, preview your email to make sure the HTML and text version show correctly. Send yourself a test email to guarantee a successful delivery.

 For iContact’s customers who are worried about quality control in their emails, we offer iContact premium services. We are able to help with list cleaning, campaign planning, and reporting analysis.


I will be back in a few days to discuss more tips on email marketing.


 Ryan Allis


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