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At Your Service: How To Distinguish Your Services

Is it time to reinvent your UVP and better distinguish your services?

Welcome back to the blog series, “Change Your Message,” and the next series of posts starting with “How to Distinguish Your Services.” (If you missed our last post or simply need a refresher click here!), now on to today’s post!

Services, of course, are a bit less defined in their offerings. Yet there are just as many distinguishing features to tell your customers about.

  • Faster response time
  • Ability to offer more value for less money
  • High level of expertise
  • Excellent industry reputation
  • Perception that you bring more to the table (intangibles)
  • Availability of the service at a particular time of need

Consider H&R Block. Ever since I can remember, I have associated this company with tax preparation, having accompanied my parents to a brick-and-mortar location on more than one occasion. For a very long time, they held a huge market segment because they provided many of the attributes on the list above. Specifically, they provided quick service in advance of tax day each year.

That position took a big hit with the introduction of TurboTax software and then TurboTax online. Instead of schlepping to the nearest H&R Block, anyone could do their own taxes from the comfort of their own home – often for free or a very low fee.

Although TurboTax prices have gone up, they now offer a wealth of informational resources and audit protection guarantees. But newer online tax services have differentiated themselves by touting their “truly free” tax returns and lower prices. H&R Block has also launched a recent marketing counteroffensive by running ads proclaiming that Americans that did their own taxes lost out on over $1 billion in potential tax refunds last year. In that way, H&R Block emphasized its high level of expertise and ability to help people save/get more money.

Watch for the next post of this blog series, “Distinguish Your Cause With “-Est.” Have you downloaded Olga Mizrahi’s UVP Worksheet? Click on this link, other goodies or visit and get started on becoming “unique”!

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