Why Technology Is More Important Than Ever

Technology concerns used to be all the rage with large corporations. Massive infrastructure and a fully dedicated IT department were vital to operating in the growing business markets. During this time, small businesses were simply that: small. Running a small business did not require such attention to being cutting edge.

Today, small businesses are finding it more and more difficult to compete while trying to avoid reliance on modern technological advancements. This problem has some business owners scratching their heads trying to understand why this change has taken place. The following are a few key reasons why technology has become a must for small businesses like never before.

Customers demand alternative payment methods

Whether you are a small business operating online or out of a retail store, failure to provide customers with alternative payment methods may drive customers away. According to, customers who have difficulties using their credit cards will generally take their business elsewhere if a small business does not support alternative, electronic payment methods. Customers demand mobile pay options, which is why a modern point of sale (POS) system that supports such options is key for any small business.

Customers will check out your website

Before the age of the Internet, customers were far less picky as to where they shopped. Today’s customer demands competitive prices and quality customer service. They look to see if business owners care enough to provide customers with a quality, up-to-date website. Web presence is now critical to appealing to the modern consumer base.

Marketing in the digital age

Since most people live online, modern business is done more digitally than through brick-and-mortar stores. Even a physical store needs to market online to reach customers that do not shop in the traditional sense. Learning how to present a small business on social media, for example, is critical in providing interest to a massive consumer base that most small businesses fail to reach with their traditional marketing efforts.

Getting educated about technology

Technology is far more than buying new equipment. Learning how to operate a small business in a tech driven world is also part of keeping up with modern technology-based business trends. Acquiring an online MBA in information technology will provide a small business owner with critical insights into modern, tech-based business strategies that will help them to stay current in an ever-changing, tech-based marketplace.

Now is the time for small businesses to become more tech savvy than ever before. As business after business is falling behind the tech learning curve, smart small businesses will learn how to appeal to digital natives whose world revolves around modern tech. From mobile payments to mobile shopping options, much of the consumer base simply does not stick with slow-paced, traditional shopping methods anymore. Modern consumers operate with an on-demand philosophy that older small business owners find difficult to accommodate.

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