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What’s Content Amplification and Why It’s Worth Your Time

Consider your options along with your budget and make the best decision according to your unique circumstances and material when it comes to “amping up” your content.

Content Amplification: What’s in it for you?

Remember when you were a teenager and you always “cranked up” your favorite tunes? Even though you probably weren’t doing it intentionally, your neighbors or people passing by were getting a very loud dose of your favorite music whether they liked it or not.

With content marketing and amplification, the process is somewhat similar, but instead it uses a more well-directed course aimed directly at targeting readers who are more interested in your material and not just getting it rammed down their throats (or ears).

Comparable to a stadium packed full of music fans, they want to hear your tunes, but they can’t quite make out the notes or understand the lyrics. Think of yourself as the artist, writing your material, using your instruments, the internet is your venue, but you need the right type of speakers, tuned properly and amplified correctly so that your valuable lyrics will be heard. How can you turn up the volume and what type/brand of speakers should you be using?

Don’t Forget Your Valuable Fans!

If you were releasing a new album, naturally you would notify all your existing fans and the same goes for new content. It might seem obvious, but when your new material hits the market, let all your friends on Facebook know, share it with your Twitter followers and publish your information on LinkedIn. Your “fans” should always be your first choice and primary source of distribution.

The Classics Deserve Respect

Popular and knowledgeable people within your own industry or niche, also known as influencers, are a great resource for boosting your content to the next level. Mentioning them in articles, include their quotes, promote their materials, showcase similarities from their content, follow their posts; are all great ways to pick up strays (like roadies and groupies). But often people don’t know where to find them, so here are three great instruments you can use to track them down:

  • Followerwonk: A popular Moz app, effectively uses Twitter analytics to locate top influencers in the Twitterverse.
  • Twellow: Also uses Twitter analytics and sorts them into categories based on interest.
  • AllMyPlus: A more statistical approach that allows users to search more specifically according to a specific subject, individual or post topic through Google.

One more note, when it comes to the Golden Oldies, Topsy can locate older posts, tweets and other aged content and reveal the original publisher or promoter.

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Know Your Stage

There are two different types of media to consider using when amplifying your material:

  • OWNED: What you have created yourself, personal and/or business websites, blogs, social profile pages and email lists.
  • PAID: Content amplification agencies (CAA), targeted LinkedIn posts, Twitter promotions and paid Facebook posts.

Sometimes it is best to exhaust your own(ed) avenues before paying a “promoter” to blast your content online. Consider your options along with your budget and make the best decision according to your unique circumstances and material.

One More For the Road

It’s okay to be a “sell-out” when it comes to content amplification. For example, in 2013, 77% of Facebook posts found their widest reach through paid promotional advertisements aboard this popular platform. Be a success, rock your online audience and rule the online world. Rock on!

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