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How the Gig Economy Makes Having a Side Hustle Easier Than Ever

As the demand for mobile continues to rise, so do consumers’ needs for quick and easy service. Enter: the gig economy and the handy apps like TaskRabbit and Uber that go along with it.

Why everyone is on board

The following infographic by Concordia University-Saint Paul looks at the who, what and why this new work model is happening.

From side hustlers to full-time entrepreneurs, those working on digital platforms have grown to include nearly 1 in 4 Americans, and 56 percent are relying on these platforms as an essential part of their income. Even white collar workers want in on the action, with 63 percent of executives with management skills saying they’d leave their full-time position if an opportunity for contract work arose.

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The new normal

The gig economy has made freelancing mainstream, side-hustling easy to come by, and daily services available at your fingertips.

Read on to see the latest trends in this new economy.

gig economy

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