Are Traditonal Marketing Strategies Still Best?

A recent survey about marketing to marketers examined how marketers want to be contacted. It claims they do not want phone calls, they prefer an e-mail with links. They say they don’t want cold calls or face to face meetings.

What the survey didn’t examine is how effective the e-mail strategy really is. I know that when a charity calls me to solicit a donation, I usually say no, but occasionally they get me on a day when I’m feeling generous, and I make a pledge (much to my husband’s dismay). They wouldn’t have roped me in with a link.

Traditional sales people call and call and visit and visit. They still believe that if you get the face time, your prospects improve.

My point is, no one likes to get the phone calls, and no one wants to take on long meetings and lunches that go nowhere . So when you’re asked, you may say you don’t want the calls and visits. But if you, as the seller are prepared, succinct, and offering a marketing solution, do you think you have a better chance of getting the business if you speak directly to the decision maker or meet them face to face? I tend to think you do. And I think deals are still as much about relationships as they are about concrete content.

Do you think that times have really changed? Is an e-mail with a link getting the job done for you? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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