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Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Content Marketing Shine

We’re past the era when businesses of all sizes had to be convinced of the value of content marketing. That era wasn’t long ago; even just five years ago, a much greater percentage of small businesses and startups didn’t use it to connect with customers. However, now that we’re all sold on leveraging the power...
Marketing Strategies
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Marketing Strategies for Startups That Don’t Cost a Cent

The average startup doesn't have much capital. According to the Small Business Administration, the average entrepreneur spends $30,000 launching a startup. However, other businesses are started for less than $3,000. Entrepreneurs that start businesses on tight budgets often lose perspective and spend too much on marketing, which can cost them later on. If you're starting a new...
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Losing Faith in Internet Marketing?

Losing Faith in Online Marketing? If you’re losing faith in Internet marketing, chances are your agency either hasn’t performed to your expectations … or your expectations are unrealistic. In either case, your digital marketing agency has failed to properly prepare you for the machinations of a campaign. That’s a shame. In the beginning, you were...
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7 Online Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Owner Must Implement

Achieve Your Business Goals with these Top 7 Online Marketing Strategies Did you know that more than 90% of consumers research products and services online before making a purchase, a phone call or a reservation? Or that three out of five internet people today shop online? There are no doubts that your potential and existing...
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Like a scientist, take a tried and tested approach to marketing strategies!

Approaching your business like a scientist Living in the era of the internet, the raft of data readily available is phenomenal. This is great news for retailers, especially those that operate online, in that they are able to take a tried and tested approach to marketing strategies, getting almost instant feedback along the way. This...
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Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Content Marketing Strategy

The Great Content Shock: Why It’s Time To Rethink Your Content Marketing Strategy With the proliferation of search engine penalties, marketers are moving away from illicit online-marketing strategies and towards content marketing.  Gone are the days where buying links, getting listed on article directories, or forum spam can get your site to rank safely in...
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9 Sizzling Summer Marketing Ideas

Many business owners say that their sales slow down in the summer for various reasons. But just because it's summer doesn't mean it has to be slow for your business.  Here are 9 summer marketing ideas that will help keep your business sizzling all summer long. 1.         Celebrate a celebrity's birthday! Make your business the...
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Marketing Planning For Your Startup Business

So you're getting ready to start your own business; have you thought about your marketing plan? Your marketing plan doesn't need to be 100 pages of graphs and charts; it can be as simple as a one-page snap shot of all the strategies that you plan to implement to get the word out about your...
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Grassroots marketing strategies can really payoff

"Hitch your wagon to the littlest star" could be the name of the marketing strategy used by the owners of Belly Maternity, a Denver boutique that sells maternity and baby clothes. They sent Angelina Jolie a "thank-you gift" for her humanitarian work. They also sent gifts to other pregnant stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer...
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Marketing strategies for two opposite customer groups – trendy & pregnant

Calling on all marketing experts! Or at least any entrepreneur (in-training, even) who has an opinion … One of our new StartupNation Community Advisory Board members, Aron North, has a marketing dilemma. Aron has asked me to go to the StartupNation community to get some small business marketing strategies advice. Here's the challenge: Aron's company,...
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Are Traditonal Marketing Strategies Still Best?

A recent survey about marketing to marketers examined how marketers want to be contacted. It claims they do not want phone calls, they prefer an e-mail with links. They say they don't want cold calls or face to face meetings. What the survey didn't examine is how effective the e-mail strategy really is. I know...