Grassroots marketing strategies can really payoff

"Hitch your wagon to the littlest star" could be the name of the marketing strategy used by the owners of Belly Maternity, a Denver boutique that sells maternity and baby clothes. They sent Angelina Jolie a "thank-you gift" for her humanitarian work. They also sent gifts to other pregnant stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Garner, but those gifts didn’t find their way onto the cover of People Magazine. The company got tons of press including a link to the article about the baby shirt on the front page of Yahoo . Belly sold out of the little shirt the baby was wearing on the cover immediately.

If you look at the Belly Maternity website, they didn’t waste any time in putting the cover on their website with a link to buy the shirt right away. Follow through is admirable. I have to congratualte them all around. It’s simple and brilliant. AND IT WORKED!

Grassroots marketing: using simple inexpensive marketing strategies can really pay off. A little creative thinking could land your product on the cover of a magazine too! Find your own star and hitch your wagon–literally–to a star!

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