Free beer – an outrageous viral marketing idea

Did your mood just pick up? Are you smiling?

We have an “Outrageous” board here at the StartupNation office where all of our team members are encouraged to write ideas on how we can better deliver fantastic value to our community. It’s called the “Outrageous” board because we’re supposed to write down anything that comes to mind, even if it is so outrageous that it’s just not even remotely possible. It’s often the outrageous ideas that end up being the best ones.

This afternoon (hey, it’s Friday) I wandered over to the Outrageous board and wrote “Free beer”.

Here are a few quotes from some of my teammates as they read the new outrageous idea:

“That’s definitely a game-changer.”
“It’s not outrageous enough. ‘We pay you to drink beer‘ is truly outrageous.”
“I’m in a better mood just reading that on the wall.”

I’m not sure if StartupNation will end up offering free beer, but it certainly caught the inspirational attention of everyone here in the office. It’s a perspective shift that may actually spawn an idea that we will implement. One thing I’m certain of, if we did offer free beer, the viral marketing would spin at lightning speed across the internet.

Small business startups need outrageous game changers that catch people’s attention and put them in a good mood.

What’s your ‘Free beer’ outrageous idea?

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