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Welcome Dan Tepke, New Guest Blogger on StartupNation

We’re excited to welcome Dan Tepke as a guest blogger on StartupNation. Dan’s perspectives is one of entrepreneur, advisor to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams, product developers and leaders.

Do you have a plan B? Why? Tepke tells the story of being in a cab with and entrepreneur headed to a meeting to make a pitch. During the cab ride a radio story comes on about a firm that just launched a new product which was exactly the product they were about to pitch. They had with them plan B in another presentation. Stopping in the lobby of where the meeting was to take place they quickly modified the presentation making plan B plan A.

As the president of Satori Inc.,, Dan Tepke focuses on innovation, leadership and high-performing cross-functional team development to keep up with the rapidly evolving global business model. His extensive background in leadership includes having served as senior vice president of North Park University, senior vice president and chief operating offer for Golden Rule Insurance, associate dean for management and budget at the University of Chicago and Director of the New Product Laboratory.

From high tech to higher education, Tepke has experience in startups, new product development, and projects of all types. As a broad-based expert, he has work on everything from a new app for chronic disease management, healthy snack foods, analytical software tools, insurance products, frequent flyer programs, online games, “greeting Cards”, organic food supplements, business management software, to name a few. His book Hatching Your Million Dollar Business,, was developed from those real world experiences as a detailed guide for the entrepreneur seek new ideas or just trying a way to verify a current idea or concept. Please join us in welcoming Dan to the StartupNation family of bloggers!

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