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3 Blog Design Tweaks to Increase Engagement

Does your audience find your blog engaging? You know why having great content on your blog is absolutely essential – it gives readers a reason to engage with your brand, sets you up as a thought leader and builds trust with your prospects. But even if you have all the amazing content in the world,...
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Welcome Dan Tepke, New Guest Blogger on StartupNation

We're excited to welcome Dan Tepke as a guest blogger on StartupNation. Dan’s perspectives is one of entrepreneur, advisor to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams, product developers and leaders. Do you have a plan B? Why? Tepke tells the story of being in a cab with and entrepreneur headed to a meeting to make a pitch....
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Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Enter the Blogosphere…

So, I had a meeting with my web developer. I like to call him, Satan. Satan asks me, "Don't you have a weblog?" He adds just the right amount of sarcasm and pretentiousness to his rhetorical questions to boil my blood. Now, I have heard of Lincoln logs, yule logs, and even cheese logs (which...
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Woohoo! I’m a Startup Nation blogger!

Hi everybody! Thanks for visiting my new blog on Startup Nation! I am so excited to be an official SuN blogger. When Rich Sloan contacted me about it, I just about peed my pants! I didn't thankfully. I checked. (Hey - I've had 2 kids and am getting old!) So, yeah - I'm super excited...
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I’m claiming my blog

I'm claiming my blog for Technorati. Technorati is a blog search engine that will allow more people to find the information I write in my blog: <a href="" mce_href="" rel="me">Technorati Profile</a>
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Thanks for Stopping By

As a new blogger at StartupNation, I thought I would introduce myself. Your time is precious, so hopefully I can help you decide whether to invest any more of it reading this blog from time to time. The main thing to know about me is that I founded and still run Most of what...
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Say hello to Cheryl Tallman

We're excited to welcome Cheryl Tallman as a guest blogger on StartupNation, she'll be contributing regularly to add her perspectives as a successful Mompreneur - here's a brief bio for our newest blog team member: Cheryl is an ambitious and versatile executive and entrepreneur with proven abilities in building and managing all aspects of business....
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This blog is not about slogging, clogging or flogging or logging

From Joan Isabella, StartupNation Radio consultant I believe in cosmic communication. This is why I want you to know that I have been blogging to you in my mind-- sending out bits and pieces of uncompleted thoughts telepathically that may interest you (just kidding!). Of course, I figured out along the way that you are...
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Former Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble has got it goin’ on

Uber blogger Robert Scoble announced last month that he was leaving the "comfy?" corporate world of Microsoft to join a startup - mentioned us in his blog Scobleizer. Now here's a great example of an extremely smart and talented business person who is striking out into the startup world and he's looking for valuable resources....
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Best small business marketing blog? Show StartupNation some love!!

We've been nominated! MarketingSherpa, the extremely popular (their articles land in StartupNation email inboxes on a furiously regular basis) and powerful online marketing resource has included the StartupNation blog in their Reader's Choice Awards 2006. Vote for us! But make sure you do it by midnight ET Monday June 26 when the polls close. (insert...
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StartupNation community fuels the best small business blogs

Ever looked into a mirrored reflection of a mirror? Pretty cool, huh? Until you really look. I mean focus in on exactly what you're looking at. My brain starts hurting after such an intense stare. Well, this is kind of what's happening to you right now. And it's all a part of the online marketing...
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Cool Company of the day: Old House Gardens

We look for cool companies all the time and want you to help us find them. So keep them coming our way! Email ideas to [email protected] Today's Cool Company is Old House Gardens, one of the leading heirloom seed catalog companies in the world. What makes the company cool--more than the fact that they run...