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Ever looked into a mirrored reflection of a mirror? Pretty cool, huh? Until you really look. I mean focus in on exactly what you’re looking at. My brain starts hurting after such an intense stare.

Well, this is kind of what’s happening to you right now. And it’s all a part of the online marketing strategy that is blogging.

You see, for a blog to be insanely successful, it needs to mirror (I couldn’t resist) itself through links that ultimately make their way back to the blog. This is a major part of the PageRank philosophy that Google uses to determine the relevance of a specific web page. If many other pages are linked to your page, then your page MUST have some valuable substance to it.

(this is a topic best left to the experts – Chuck Fuller,’s Online Marketing Director, can speak much more intelligently about it – as a matter of fact, head on over to Chuck’s forum topic on search marketing to tap into his wisdom)

See, I just did it to you again!

When you follow the above link, you’ll get smarter & you’ll follow links to other great content on the StartupNation Community Forum and you’ll add interesting StartupNation community members to your Buddy List and you’ll ultimately end up back here at this blog because there’s a link from this forum topic about blogs that points back here.

Does your brain hurt yet?

While you give your brain a little break, consider this: Many BILLIONS of dollars are being earned by people in large and small businesses who are properly employing a blog strategy to complement their business.

Don’t believe me? Head on over to this link for an On Demand Seminar that’ll explain it to you in greater detail.

(Gotcha again!)

You may as well give up & just start blogging.

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