This blog is not about slogging, clogging or flogging or logging

From Joan Isabella, StartupNation Radio consultant

I believe in cosmic communication. This is why I want you to know that I have been blogging to you in my mind– sending out bits and pieces of uncompleted thoughts telepathically that may interest you (just kidding!). Of course, I figured out along the way that you are not receiving the messages. Let me try to actually write a couple of thoughts down here….

• My son is going to camp this week. I am reminded of the great campers’ song you too will recall if you are of a certain age(read baby boomer). Can you guess what is without clicking on the link?

• As a little follow up to my earlier blog about commencement speeches, Rabbi Marc Gellman, who writes for Newsweek told this story as part of the benediction at the Marymount College graduation this year:

"An elder Cherokee chief took his grandchildren into the forest and sat them down and said to them, “A fight is going on inside me. This is a terrible fight and it is a fight between two wolves. One wolf is the wolf of fear, anger, arrogance and greed. The other wolf is the wolf of courage, kindness, humility and love.” The children were very quiet and listening to their grandfather with both their ears. He then said to them, “This same fight between the two wolves that is going on inside of me is going on inside of you, and inside every person.” They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked the chief, “Grandfather, which wolf will win the fight?” He said quietly, “The one you feed.”

• Speaking of food…. I had a huge party last weekend and spent part of this morning cleaning out my fridge. It was scary, but it encouraged me to clean out my desk drawers. I figure there is nothing moldy in my desk drawer and that is a plus.

• I find it amusing that my spell check always flags the word "blogging." It suggests I consider "logging", "flogging," "clogging," or "slogging."

Until next time.

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