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Increase conversion rate from your marketing efforts

Conversion rate should be a key focus

If you’re in business, increasing your conversion rate should be a key focus. Conversion rate is the percentage of users who go on to complete the main goal on your site – be that making a purchase or completing an enquiry form. Naturally, the higher this rate is the better as it means your website is maximizing its potential. Read on to find out how to improve your conversion rate in a few simple steps.

1. Increase trust with contact details:

Include your email address, phone number, and business address prominently on your website to allow your visitors to see that you’re a real company, and so that they can do additional research on you if required.

2. Add faces

People like to buy from people. Adding a team page with photos of your management team is a minimum requirement. Including photos of the whole team is recommended so that users can see who they’re dealing with or just build trust in your business. Gravatar is a great way to keep these images up to date.

3. Connect the offline world

Make your website branding align with your offline materials. Take a look at the likes of Moo and Vistaprint for branded business cards and paper materials, and the likes of USBMakers and personalized clothing for more specific branded needs.

4. Explain your proposition

People have limited attention spans, so make sure you explain to them what your business does, your value proposition, and why they should use you in a visually obvious place.

5. Include trust marks

If you have professional accreditations include them as they build trust and lend an air of authority to your site. If you’re in ecommerce consider getting a badge like this for your footer or sidebar from PayPal.

6. Test everything

The key to increasing conversion rate is to test everything you do and every element of your site. Consider tools like Optimizely to test your website dynamically and to find the best combination.

Implementing as many of these changes as possible will help you to improve the conversion rate on your website. They might take a little work, but it’ll all be worthwhile if your conversion rate increased and your site makes more money. Marketing can be an expensive business, and you don’t want those precious visitors to your site to go to waste. Make sure you make the most of your audience by improving your site.

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