4 Quick Changes to Boost Web Sales Fast

Did you know that you can boost sales for your small business fast by making a few small changes to your website copy? And the best part is…it won’t cost any money!

To start, here are 4 changes you can make right away:


1.     Review and set specific business goals for your website.

Take a look at your site. Does it boost sales, provide unique information, or offer important benefits? You’ll meet business goals faster if your website has a specific purpose.

Check to see if all of your content, photos and links focus on obtaining a specific result, and make changes as necessary.


2.     Place important information on the first screen.

Does your logo take up a lot of space on the first screen of your website? If so, move it to another area or significantly reduce it. Sorry, but site visitors care about what you can do for them…not your logo.


3.     Stress benefits right away.

Visitors will make a decision about your website within seconds so let them know they are in the right place. Focus on the unique benefits you offer and how you can solve customers’ problems.


4.     Talk to your customers.

Do you use a lot of big words and “corporate speak” on your site? If so, take time to for customer research. Discover their likes and dislikes, popular trends and issues.

Also look at competitors’ sites. The more you know about your customers, the better you will be able to connect with them on an emotional level with the right writing style and tone.

Want more?

If you’d like to get more tips or have questions about your online copy, please let me know at [email protected]. I’m here to help!

P.S. You can also get a free copy of my exclusive report, “20 Quick Online Copywriting Tips to Help Boost Website Sales in Minutes” at www.rembrandtwrites.com.

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