Jerky Sells Fast with PR

www.houseofjerky.comOn Tuesday, Janie Honeycutt of shared her PR success story. Here is the rest of that interview:

What kind of results did you see from your public relations efforts?

From my efforts, we’ve had some excellent reviews written on websites. People Magazine was a complete surprise.

One day, our website was crazy with traffic and orders. We immediately added a question in the checkout section (“How did you find us?”). People had written a short blurb about our jerky being a great Father’s Day gift.

People magazine helped teach us how to prepare for Real Simple’s Holiday Gift Guide. The exposure by both was phenomenal and key to growing our business.

What advice do you have for others in using publicity to boost awareness and sales?

The power of publicity is amazing in the way it boosts sales and awareness. Due to publicity, we have more than doubled our sales from the year before. It is important to be ready to handle the onslaught of business that publicity can cause.

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share with the StartupNation audience for starting and growing a business?

I actively do all that I can to market our website. Keywords and optimization have made our website easy to find. I’m sure that’s how editors have found us. But I’m not stopping now! I know there are a lot more opportunities.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Being a member of StartupNation has helped my education and put me in contact with key support people. It has been a constant source of great ideas and information.

I think all small businesses should learn all they can about marketing and PR. We need to get our feet wet and try a few things, and then hire a professional as soon as we can afford it!

Thanks Janie! Now, if you’d like to share your PR story, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or I’d love to hear from you and possibly give you some free publicity!

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