StartupNation Success Bill Clanton – Part Two


Bill ClantonOn Tuesday, we talked to StartupNation’s latest success, Bill Clanton. He used press releases to catapult business sales for his new business, Quick Bridge Solutions,… even during today’s tough times.

Here are some more great tips from Bill…Quick Bridge Solutions

What publicity activities do you plan to do in the future and why?

I plan to target some offline venues now. Because in radio, content is king…whether you are online or offline. Radio shows need fresh content as much as newspapers do so I plan to target some syndicated radio shows that focus on the techie lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur, what sites have given you the most help?

Up until I found StartupNation, there weren’t really any sites that gave me help. I would watch “The Big Idea with Donny,” and take notes, but I couldn’t find a good online community or source of help and support.  

What tips would you like to share with other entrepreneurs out there on starting and growing a business?

Don’t be afraid of success. Sometimes, we may want success, but we will not take the risks necessary to make it happen. If a baby is ever going to learn to walk, he or she needs to start by taking that first step. 

If the baby wants to walk, but never stands up and extends a leg, then it will never happen. The same is true of business. I have been guilty of this too. It’s so easy to let fear of failure and fear of success hold us back, when in most cases, none of these risks will kill us. We’ll still be breathing the next day, even if we fail.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, I am working on recording an album with my Christian rock band of songs I’ve written, so once complete, I want everyone to buy a copy. LOL. Just kidding about the buying part, but I will have the album out soon. It will be full of very uplifting songs. I’m a bit of an onion. I have done and am doing so many things.


Well, Bill may call himself an onion, but he is definitely enjoying the sweet smell of success! Thanks for your time Bill. And we’ll look for your comments here on the StartupNation forum and the announcement of your new album!

Do you have public relations questions, questions for Bill or comments? Please let me know below or at Thanks!

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