Video Marketing: What’s the Big Deal?

Ever notice that there are so many of us that will remember a face but not a name? I know that I’ve tried many memory tricks to try to match names and faces to no avail.  That’s because I am a visual learner.  The best way for me to remember anything is to have a visual aid. And there are many people out there just like me.

So what does that mean for your business and how you market it?  It turns out, it means a lot!

Almost 80% of U.S. Internet users watched videos for roughly five hours in December 2008, with an average duration of 3.2 minutes per video, according to marketing research company, ComScore.

Consider this…how many out of that roughly 80% of Internet users are your target audience?

And how many of those 80% are people like me that remember things better through visual aids? According to research, it’s about 65% of the population!

What better way for you to reach those types of learners than by utilizing a 3-4 minute video upload on your site? It also ensures that your website content is fresh, which makes those pesky but necessary search engines like you more.

Anyone with a camcorder can take a brief video and upload it to a video storage site such as:

You Tube



Posting the video content on your website will help you reach and engage more prospective customers.

Not convinced yet? is the third most-visited site on the Internet, receiving over 70 million unique visitors a month – that number rises on average of 3.4 percent monthly.  Video now appears in Google search results, providing vital “Google Juice” to help your website rankings.

It’s my opinion that not having a video presence in 2-5 years will be like not having a web site in 2010!

And here’s a quick little marketing tip: How To” videos are a huge hit. Make a “how to” video demonstrating how your product or service can solve a common problem, name your video “How to (insert your topic here) Video”, and post it on your very own You Tube Channel.

Disclaimer: In spite of all the statistics showing how successful video is in marketing your business, some of us are still terrified (like me) or otherwise reluctant to make a video. My video marketing tip of the day: Just do it. You need to practice anyway so don’t post the first video you make, and don’t give up. Keep on trying, you’ll get the hang of it. I promise!!

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