What story are you telling?

In a recent blog post Drew McLellan tells the story of a 1989 campaign from Crowley Webb for Garcia’s Irish Pub in Buffalo, New York. “[This] most brilliant outdoor campaign broke every one of these rules,” he says. “Every single one.”


For nine weeks in a row a new billboard would appear in the same location, with a simple personals-style message. The first three were white typeface on a red background, and featured a rather standard lovesick tone:

  • Angel in Red: Saw you at Garcia’s Irish Pub. Love to meet you. —William
  • Angel in Red: Still waiting. Garcia’s Pub, Friday? —William
  • Angel in Red: I’m going broke with these billboards. Garcia’s … please! —William

There are some twists and turns before William finally gets the girl, but it captured people’s interest, got them talking, and brought them into the restaurant. The boards said nothing of the prices, specials or what the restaurant had to offer – but instead told a story.

What story are you telling your customers? How are you inviting them to participate in your offering?

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