Ant or Grasshopper?

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Do you plan for a crisis? Of course not. But you can plan yourself out of one!

Let me weigh in here with another question: Who do you want to be? The person who goes on a hike  prepared with the Ten Essentials? Or would you rather be the one that blindly walks along and relies on getting rescued by people who have to risk their own lives to save you? Perhaps that is just a grown up way of asking, are you an ant, or a grasshopper?

Most of the small businesses I speak to feel they don’t have time to plan. “I realize I have some money in the account, and I spend it on what is in front of me, classifieds.” Some businesses don’t take a moment to stop and think “where are my customers spending their time,” “where are my competitors hanging out” – both good at informing you where to place your spend.

Take time to plan, it pays for itself in the long run.

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