Do it…because it feels good.

Do it once a year. Do it once a month. Do it twice a week.
Pro Bono, I mean…what were you thinking?
Especially in this time, when things are tight for everyone, time is valuable. Give it freely. Find a way to connect with those in your community. I’ve noticed messages being targeted to boomers right now: “Give time because you’ve saved well for youre retirement” and think it is a lot of hooey…people need money right now. However, given the lack of opportunity, volunteering can help people in transition with a few things:
  • keeps your portfolio current
  • transition into another job
  • give you the tools and lingo being used “now” by people who have jobs; language is one of the critical elements that shows a team you belong or you don’t (unforunately, you can know the answer, but if you don’t reflect people back to themselves, they won’t recognize you as part of their pack)
  • meet people who have things in common with
  • develop your skills
  • assist you with transitioning into retirement
  • help you get out into the workforce after having kids
Volunteering is great social exercise! What ways do you contribute to your community? Has volunteering helped you through a transition?
Here is a little plug for TapRoot’s latest project:
Given the focus this administration has on community service, I predict that you will see a copy of this book in the White House, or at minimum, being discussed by the White House…
From the folks at TapRoot –

Pro Bono Leaders,

On April 20th we are publishing our first book-a children’s book. Mommy and Daddy Do It Pro Bono. We need your help to make it the best selling children’s book on the first week it goes on sale, which happens to also be National Volunteer Week.

We are tired of astronauts and ballerinas getting all the play with our kids. I mean really, how many astronauts do you know? It is time that we introduced our kids to other professionals — people like you — who put their talents to work helping the community. We thought there should be a book for our kids about HR managers, accountants and graphic designers and the impact these professionals can have in the community by using their skills to make a difference.

Thus was born Mommy and Daddy Do It Pro Bono: Epic Careers by Inspiring Parents.

 We did the hard part and wrote the book. Now we need YOUR help.

1) The week of April 20th, go to and order the book. Get one for you and for every family you know.

2) Help promote the book to build awareness.  Are you on any parents’ lists? Belong to any trade or alumni associations? Write a blog (or know someone who does)? Let us know so we can give you the content to get the word out that week.

Thank you for being role models to our children!

do it pro bono.

Taproot Foundation First Family

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