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The Average Age of a Successful Entrepreneur (and the Benefits of Starting a Business Later in Life)

Recent research from Northwestern University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has revealed that the average startup founder is not, in fact, a geek-chic millennial holding a freshly printed Ivy League degree. A team of researchers combed through data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the IRS on 2.7 million people who started businesses from 2007 to...
baby boomer entrepreneur
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5 Qualities You Need to Become a Successful Entrepreneur Later in Life

No matter what age you are, pursuing an entrepreneurial path is always a risky endeavor. The good news is, the odds are increasingly in the favor of baby boomers. Starting a business is increasingly becoming much more affordable to do, with plenty of resources available and accessibility through mobile devices. However, it takes more than...
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3 Business Ideas for Retired Entrepreneurs Planning Their Next Venture

Ah, retirement! A time to kick back, relax on a golf course, conquer your personal reading list, and take it easy throughout the remaining golden years of life. For those retired individuals that were previously entrepreneurs, however, now might be the best time to skip a few years of disconnecting from the working world and...
Social finance loans
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Social Finance and Retirement Account Loans

The world of finance for entrepreneurs and startups has gradually been changing since the last recession with alternative lending platforms and programs that illustrate the potential beyond the traditional funding sources. Now that new government regulations are recognizing the economic benefits that the startup boom is bringing, there is more space for new ways to get...
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Do it…because it feels good.

Do it once a year. Do it once a month. Do it twice a week.   Pro Bono, I mean...what were you thinking?   Especially in this time, when things are tight for everyone, time is valuable. Give it freely. Find a way to connect with those in your community. I've noticed messages being targeted...
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Start your own business to help fund your retirement

Planning for retirement is an important part of our lives. We all know the statistics: we're living longer and have more income needs for retirement years that are extended beyond the previous generation. There are many resources and strategies for how best to accomplish our life goals. A recent Washington Post article shares some statistics...