How to Get Publicity Now

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Do you need publicity right away to build some buzz for your products and services?

Well, here are three things you can do right now that will help you get the word out… fast:

1. Write to your local paper.

Check your local paper to see if they have an “Opinions” or “Letters to the Editor” section. Send in a note describing your opinion about a particular article in the paper. Then, sign your name with the name of your company and a link to your Web site.

Your article should provide your opinion and information the readers will care about. It should not be a sales piece. Your byline will be all the “promotion” you get, but it will be enough to get your site, and business, some extra awareness.

And if you are not a good writer, have a friend or ghostwriter help you with the writing and editing process. After all, you want to send in a letter than sounds professional and get your point across.

2. Post a press release.

Write a press release about the benefits your business has to offer. You can tie it in with a current trend, holiday or special discount you are offering. Then, you can either spend the money to distribute it online through a service like PRWeb, PRNewswire, BusinessWire, etc., or you can simply post it on free, distribution sites online (check the list at

And if you really want to get some good coverage, hire a professional, SEO copywriter to optimize your press release for the search engines. This way, people searching for particular words in your release will be more likely to find your press release online.

3. Create a partnership.

Find another business or charity in your local area that you can work with on a particular event, fundraiser or other, joint activity. By teaming up, you’ll share the time, effort, marketing lists, and overall costs.

Plus, you’ll create a larger event that will build more buzz with the local media and potential customers.

Time to Get Creative.

If you need to generate sales and build awareness for your business, don’t wait for funds to start coming in. Be creative. Think of ways to get people to talk about your products and services without spending money.

By contacting the local press, distributing news and information your potential customers will find valuable and working with partners who complement your business, you can grow your business without spending a fortune!

Need additional tips on how to build buzz without spending a lot of money? Please contact me here, and check out the free information at

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