Startup Attention Deficit Disorder

Scientists are now studying Startup Attention Deficit Disorder – a condition that causes entrepreneurs to start up new businesses mere seconds after they launched their original idea.

I know this from experience. I am a S.A.D.D. sufferer, or, as some call us, a serial entrepreneur. As soon as I start one business, I get a second idea… then a third… then a fourth. Big ideas. Little business twists. There’s never a drought on ideas for ventures for me.

I’ve even become a serial entrepreneur profiler. I can see these people from a mile a way. They have that wild look in their eyes when they go into Office Depot. They jot notes on the bus or driving in their cars (not recommended for safety reasons). You’ll find them in garages working on inventions and attending seminars looking for the next big thing, or, in our case, the next big thing and the next big thing and the next big thing, after that…

This ability to generate ideas is obviously a wonderful thing, but it has its down side, too. If you’re not careful, you’re in a continual state of wheel-grinding indecision without being able to actually launch your project. Sort of like my husband and his friends, who continually read golf magazines and digests, but never actually golfs–at least, they never golf sober.

I have a trick to keeping on task and combating S.A.D.D. I staple my pants to my office chair and then glue my wrists to the keyboard of my laptop until my venture is successfully launched.

So, what are some of your secrets to controlling S.A.D.D… without ruining your pants?

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