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Weird that I’d write a blog post about paying for content in a free content world, isn’t it?! Weirder yet that StartupNation has for years on end been a STRICTLY free content site and hosts many tens of thousands of pages of free content and features.

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So why have we recently launched a paid content offering (in our new Quarterly Marketing Trends eReports)? Because they’re worth it.

Our experts and co-authors spend weeks amassing research and drawing out takeaways and distill those down into clear trends and action items that could have a profound impact on your business.

For example, we just released our Q4 Marketing Trends eReport that you can download immediately and soak up quickly over the weekend or one evening this week. In so doing, you will:

  1. Learn the latest about what’s happening in the market overall;
  2. Get access to specific statistics that have been culled from every corner of the information universe that applies to marketing in the last months of 2009;
  3. Be advised what the “best practices” are to sell to reluctant customers in this quagmire market;
  4. Have the confidence that you are completely up to speed on what the smartest folks in your industry know and do to succeed.

The pricetag is $24.99. If you figure you buy the eReport and get one useful tip from it (though you should gain multiple tips you can put into action), you’ll pay for the purchase many, many times over.

I’m doing my job by making you aware of this potentially transformative resource. I hope you find it to be a valuable tool in keeping you on track for success.

Rieva Lesonsky, the partner on the Q4 eReport, is a world-leading expert in small business, formerly the decades-long editor of Entrepreneur Magazine. She’s seen it all. And you should read what she has to say.

Learn about the eReport

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