Do you plan to GROW during the summer?

For my boys, school is out for the summer, and that means “let the fun begin!”  After sitting inside all fall, winter, & spring, they are absolutely ready for a new pace.  Summer brings warm weather and ditching the jackets, longer days, and growth.  I am not talking about just the flowers growing and blooming, but about personal growth.

Summer is a time when kids can take the lessons that they learned in school all year and apply them to life…..and, GROW.  In summer, kids are heading out to different camps and activities, meeting new people, vacationing with their families in various places, and if a bit older — applying for a seasonal job.  It is a time to take their new skills and use them.

My boys are preparing to be in a whole new grade, but as biz owners, we can also GROW in the summer. We have been knee-deep in planning throughout the first part of the year, lining up presentations, working on our pitch, cold-calling, etc….It is time to put everything into action.  There are also new people for us to meet, new groups and conferences to attend, and a little bit of summer fun.

I know that it may not make tremendous sense because naturally during the summer, we want to work less and play more (just like my boys).  That is the point exactly – sometimes when we want to be more precise in our work, we actually accomplish more.

We want to finish work in time for a walk, a bike ride, or a game of golf, so we work with minimal goofing around.  We may be finishing an hour earlier in the summer, but honestly, I bet you will be more productive than during the winter months.

This is one way that we GROW….we put into use all the planning, research, methods, sales, and madness of the first part of the year and attack our goals.  Another way that growth comes in summer is during all the magnificent time we are enjoying outdoors.  There is nothing like a gorgeous hike or day at the lake to really put goals in place in our mind!

This past weekend, as I sat in the yard reading and watching my boys shoot hoops, I came up with 3 summer personal growth goals.  I know that I will set my mind to accomplish them.  First, because I have been researching and dwelling on it all winter.  Second, I am going to reward myself with an early quit here and there for a walk as I cross them off the list.

My personal goals are:

  1. Develop a newsletter for my subscribers (growing subscribers along the way, too).
  2. Better Use of Analytics.
  3. Get involved with 2 Linked-In Groups, which will help me with networking.

Take some time in the sunshine, ponder your goals, and share with us!  Remember, when you share goals, we can help you be accountable! – Rachel

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