Understanding Your Audience

When you receive an email, do you ever think of what compels you to open the email in the first place?  Maybe you recognize the sender or perhaps the subject line catches your eye. As an email marketer, it is important to always construct your emails to cater to the habits of your readers and even more, understand what attracts each segment of your audience.

Often readers use different tactics to get through their inbox based on their current activity or limitation (time, occupied at work, etc.). It is important to understand your audiences and how they process your messages.

The first type of reader is the one who identifies or categorizes the email before even opening it. They look for the sender’s name and subject line which determines whether they open or delete the email all together. Use clear branding and powerful subject lines to satisfy this type of audience.

Another type is a comparison between the skimmer vs. the thorough reader. The skimmer looks for the most pertinent information and tries to condense the information down to one solid thought. Use bullet points, clear headings and subheaders for clarity. The thorough reader, on the other hand, examines the body of the email to learn more about the topic you are trying to communicate or get across.

After analyzing the results of a few of your email campaigns, look for ways you can tailor your emails to better fit your audience.

I will be back soon to discuss more tips on email marketing.


Ryan Allis

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