Competing Against Luck

Understanding the Jobs to Be Done Theory for Breakthrough Innovation [VIDEO]

In “Competing Against Luck,” disruptor and Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen shares his theory for breakthrough innovation: the jobs to be done theory. In the book, he and coauthors Karen Dillon, Taddy Hall and David S. Duncan share case studies and real world examples that provide entrepreneurs and business owners with the tools they need to become more innovative—and profitable. In illustrating the jobs to be done theory, the authors pose a thought-provoking question throughout the book: “What job did you hire that product to do?”

In this exclusive StartupNation Originals video series, we sat down with the authors to learn more about the jobs to be done theory, disruptive innovation and more.

An introduction to the authors of “Competing Against Luck”

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Inside “Competing Against Luck” with Clayton Christensen, Karen Dillon and Taddy Hall

To view all of the videos in this StartupNation Originals series, and to learn more about the jobs to be done theory, visit

“Competing Against Luck” is available now at and wherever fine books are sold.

Originally published Feb. 14, 2017.

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