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How to Create a Successful Lifestyle Brand

You’ve developed a great line of products or services. Now what? There are plenty of sales-focused businesses out there where this is the end of the story: have stuff, sell stuff, make money. Some entrepreneurs, however, crave something deeper. They are setting out to make a real impact on their customers, and even on the...
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How to Magnetize Your Messaging with a Unique Brand Voice

Since starting my company, Shaboo Prints, I have never been more fulfilled. Like most business owners, it is an extension of who I am; it’s my freedom of expression. And I continue to be amazed at how each day brings new opportunities for me to strengthen my voice. My business is the magic bean that...
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Omnichannel Marketing: How to Blend Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

It’s easy to assume that, in our digital world, offline marketing no longer has a place. However, according to the Out of Home Advertising Association, offline marketing was a $23 billion industry in 2018, including newspaper, magazine and radio ad spend. While every startup has different marketing goals and unique target audiences, offline marketing, such...
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How to Build a Brand and Tell Your Startup’s Story

The market today is saturated with brands. So, how do you create a one that stands out from the crowd? Building a solid foundation and crafting a compelling story for your brand will not only help you make an authentic, genuine connection at every stage of the buyer’s journey, but it will also gain trust...
Gen Z
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The Gen Z Frequency: Content Strategies and Marketing Tips

The following is excerpted from "The Gen Z Frequency: How Brands Tune in and Build Credibility" by Gregg Witt. First published in the U.S. in 2018 by Kogan Page Limited. All rights reserved. Perhaps the most important content goals, when marketing to Gen Z, is to attract and keep their attention, and help them look...
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7 Brand Elements to Consider When Developing a Website

If you want to build a successful website for your company, you need to have a strong, consistent brand at the center. The problem is, few new entrepreneurs understand exactly what a “brand” is supposed to be, or how to define it for their developing web presence. Identifying your startup's brand elements, and how they’re...