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Tips for Starting an E-Commerce Business That is Built to Sell

Entrepreneurs are driven by many different motivators. Some may create a new business because they feel an abstract impulse to bring a particular vision to life. Others enjoy the prospect of building a legacy for their family, generating a steady stream of passive income, or even building a multinational enterprise. While many entrepreneurs won’t necessarily...
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Should You Buy That Underfunded Startup?

When it comes to investing in startups, especially in the tech sector, headlines are crowded with “unicorns” and “unicorn wannabes.” It’s always the companies that have garnered incredibly high valuations and are collecting round after round of funding that populate the headlines, and for good reason. Whether they’re destined to be the next Lyft, or...
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What Are Potential Investors Looking For in a Startup Business?

You have the idea, you have the business plan, you have the drive to succeed; what you don’t have is the money to turn this dream into reality. Fundraising from traditional channels like banks is tricky for many entrepreneurs in the current climate. For a startup with no trading history, a non-existent customer base, and...
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What’s Your Website Worth and Where Can You Sell It?

As an internet entrepreneur, situations arise where you may need to sell your website and want to ensure you’re going to get the highest price possible. Before you list your website for sale, you’re going to want to understand what your website is worth, how to increase its value and how to make your website...
trade secrets
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Identifying and Protecting Trade Secrets for Young Companies

The “secret sauce” that makes a startup unique and profitable can be among its most important competitive advantages through each stage of its existence. Understanding what your business’ trade secrets are and how to protect them can be particularly vital in the dog-eat-dog world of entrepreneurship. This following aims to offer clarity and actionable strategies...
Business Valuation
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Business Valuation: What is Your Business Worth?

Your business is likely your largest asset, so it's normal to want to know what it is worth. The problem is: business valuation is what one might call a "subjective science." The science part is what people go to school to learn: you can get an MBA or a degree in finance, or you can...
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Financial Knowledge for a More Successful Startup

Financial Knowledge You Need to Succeed Financial literacy is an important subject. Fortunately, there are many financial literacy initiatives that address students, families with lower income, and the elderly. These efforts may not be enough, but they exist, they are growing, and hopefully they will eventually make a significant impact. In the meantime, there is...
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Overcoming Failure to Launch

So you’ve got some ideas, a decent prototype, and a couple customers to boot…now what?  Sadly, many would-be entrepreneurs fail at running a business before they even start.  The complexity of a business plan, lack of funding, and an army of competitors all create a standstill that causes those flames of business freedom to flicker. ...