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How to Protect a New Business From New Threats

When it comes to cybersecurity, many startups operate under an attitude of “we’re too small to be targeted,” assuming that hackers will focus on bigger companies with more money and data. Basic security measures like antivirus software are common, but does your startup regularly update and improve its systems, or does this task to protect...
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How Cyber Hackers Attack: Defense Against the Dark Arts

While working for Hillary Clinton in 2016, campaign chairman, John Podesta, received a strange email asking for his Gmail credentials. It looked suspicious, so he sent it to the campaign’s IT staff. The staffer knew that it was a bad link, so he responded that it was illegitimate. And, thanks to a spelling error, told...
Security errors
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7 Common Startup Security Errors and How to Avoid Them

Small businesses have become a favorite target of thieves. In 2015, 43 percent of cyberattacks targeted small businesses with employees of 250 or fewer, according to Symantec data. Furthermore, approximately one in 40 small businesses are now at risk of becoming targets. As larger companies have improved their security, thieves have turned their sights to...
The internet of things
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How The Internet of Things [IoT] Is Impacting Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) Impacts And The SMB Advantage Discussions of the IoT (Internet of Things) are everywhere. Some experts lament the lack of device security while others claim the widespread use of wirelessly connected technology will revolutionize business. Market growth is substantial — according to a new report, the industrial IoT market is on...
Cyber Security
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Cyber Security: How Cloud Technology Can Help Businesses

Cyber Security:Cloud Technology and Digital Data As technology continues to develop, cyber security is experiencing threats never before seen. With so much personal and business information at stake, it is important to stay on top of cyber security threats. Cloud technology has opened the digital door to a new level of productivity and freedom than...
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Small Business Cyber Security Guide/Planner

Small Business Internet Security Planner The arrival of computers and high speed internet has completely revolutionised the way people go about running their businesses, especially small businesses. Many rely on the internet to expand their reach and stay competitive, allowing them to access customers they would otherwise never be able to. The internet is a...