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Media Today: A Never Ending, Ever Changing Las Vegas Buffet

Ever been to Las Vegas' renown buffets?  The piles of crab legs, the omelette station that can make you a 6-lb. omelette, endless waffles, the potential for at-your-table flambés?  That my friends is a great analogy of today's media landscape. I come from "traditional"/linear media: television.  One in which most programs are paid for by a...
Digital Marketer
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5 Essential Lessons I Learned From Being a Digital Marketer

This is my first post for the Startup Nation and I am very happy to share any wisdom that I have aggregated in my years as a digital marketer & entrepreneur so far. Introduction So first of all, I’d like to introduce myself & the experience that I have - this will provide more context...
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New York: The Startup Founder’s Hotspot

The Big Apple: A Startup Hotspot Worth the Look Forget about Silicon Valley, it’s all about Silicon Alley now. New York is the start-up founder’s ultimate destination right now as more and more businesses are setting up shop in the Big Apple. The digital age has been supportive to New York, as its thriving status...
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3 Reasons Your Video Marketing Efforts Are Falling Flat

Video Marketing: 3 Reasons your efforts could be failing Since Google purchased YouTube for a cool $1.65 billion in the fall of 2006, the user-generated video content service has been the dominant platform for marketers looking to make a splash with video content. Each month, according to YouTube, users watch 6 billion hours of content,...
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I got a notice last week for my 30th high school reunion. (Please keep the age jokes to yourself...) I'm not sure if I'm going to go. I live 5 hours worth of air travel away, and have important meetings already scheduled on the same day. Beyond that, I'm not sure how I really feel about it....