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8 Essential Tech Tools and Software for Managing Your Home Business

At approximately 15 million strong and making up a full half of all small enterprises in the U.S., home-based businesses are a major force driving both the local and national economy. If you’re like me, then starting your own business is a daunting task. There’s simply no way around it, you will need to invest...
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The Benefits of Keeping Tax Records All Year Round

Although we think of tax season as that period between January 1 and mid-April, it’s an ongoing event. If you shift your perspective when it comes to tax records, you may find that not only is Tax Day less stressful, but so too are estimated tax deadlines throughout the year. Furthermore, you’ll have a better sense...
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6 Ways to Make Your Startup’s Tax Filing Season Easier

While there are individuals who instinctively understand the finer nuances of taxes (and as such plan year-round to make the process effortless and painless), many entrepreneurs will enter into March and April with utter dread, knowing tax season can be arduous and costly. Though taxes, particularly those for the 2020 fiscal year, are merely a...
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Starting a Business? 5 Ways to Stay on Budget

Whether you are pursuing a lifelong passion, have a unique product idea with income potential, or want out of the corporate rat race, there are many reasons why you may be looking to start a business in the new year. Self-employment does have some downsides, and starting a business isn’t always a cheap affair. You...
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4 Ways to Use a Personal Loan to Take Your Side Hustle to the Next Level

Side hustles are crazy popular these days, and are a great way to test the entrepreneurial waters. If you have one, you’re one of more than 7.9 million people with multiple jobs. Now is the perfect time to plan what you’d like to accomplish in the year ahead with your side hustle and what actionable...
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What Your Startup Can Learn From FreshBooks’ Rockstar Customer Service

The following excerpt is adapted from “The Million Dollar Greeting” by Dan Sachs. Apollo Publishers, 2018. Mike McDerment: “The culture is way bigger than me. It’s not a cult of Mike here.” Dan Sachs: “Well it started out that way, more or less.” Mike McDerment: “I don’t think [of it] as a cult of Mike. I...
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What You Need to Know About Your Side Hustle’s Invoice

If you’re new to the side hustling and are paid for the work you do, there’s a 100 percent chance that you’ll need to submit an invoice to your respective client. What should be included in an invoice and what’s the best way to formulate and keep track of these documents? We’ve created a quick...
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6 Things Gig Economy Workers Should Do to Protect Themselves Financially

The gig economy has changed the way nearly 70 million Americans define work. But as a gig economy worker, you’re left to your own devices when it comes to finances. So what should you do? 1. Understand your taxes Gig workers are classified as self-employed independent contractors. That means everything you earn (even if it’s...
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Accounting Errors Small Business Owners Make in the First Year

I’ve worked in accounting my whole career, so I can say this without shedding a tear: hardly anybody starts a business because they love balancing books. (Some of us do, sure, but we’re the minority). Accounting is a necessary evil and, when put up against all the other demands of getting a business off the...
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Startup Hacks: How to Get Your Invoices Paid, Fast

One of the biggest challenges of being a small business owner is convincing clients to pay invoices, especially when you’ve asked more than once. It’s easy to waste hours mailing and re-mailing invoices, digging through old communications to determine the hold-up, making uncomfortable phone calls, and harassing customers with reminder emails. All to get the...