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5 Tips to Authentically Market Your Startup to Gen Z 

These days, everybody wants to market to Gen Z. After all, they’ve become the new generation of consumers. Gen Zers carry $143 billion in spending power – enough to make any brand jump on the bandwagon. However, they are also a tricky group. Since they hold high expectations for companies, they’ll certainly expect you to...
Gen Z
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The Gen Z Guide to Starting a Business

Each generation leaves a significant mark on entrepreneurship. Gen Z is currently entering the working world in a time of great uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Gen Zers are also watching businesses make significant pivots with their business models and may be inspired to make similar moves. Why wait for a dream job when...
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Building a Sustainable Brand: Why Going Green is Good for Business

Today, consumers care more about where their products come from than ever before. With many brands reaping the rewards of a more socially and environmentally friendly approach, it’s time for startups to follow suit in building sustainable brands. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here The market for ethical...
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The Most Important Digital Marketing Ad Spend Insights for Startups in 2020

When you’re running a new startup, you likely have a small budget for marketing and advertising, which means every dollar (and every data point) counts. How can you optimize your limited ad spend to reach not just the most people, but the right people? Are the traditional online advertising strategies still your best bet, or...
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Conversation Marketing: Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

The following is adapted and reprinted with permission from Career Press, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser. "Conversation Marketing" by Kevin Lund, is available wherever books and e-books are sold or directly from the publisher at or 800-423-7087 When your customers and experts praise your product on social media channels, you’ve already succeeded at directing...
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How to Prepare Your Startup for Marketing to Generation Z

Here’s a fun question: How many eyes does it take to use a smartphone, TV, laptop, desktop and tablet all at the same time? Don’t ask me how, but for Generation Z, it only takes two. That’s right. Gen Zers, born between 1995 and 2014, typically have their eyes on five screens at once. As...