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8 Tips to Keep Your Startup Team Connected During COVID-19

For my startups, the majority of my team members have always worked remotely. When the announcement came to shelter-in-place due to COVID-19, there wasn’t much we changed about our work environment. However, I did recognize that my team members now may have had their spouses, children and other family members home alongside them. Here’s what...
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Why Leadership is Crucial to Your Remote Team’s Success

Many people think of a remote entrepreneur as someone relaxing at home in their PJs or sipping margaritas on the beach while occasionally checking in with their employees. Of course, this is inaccurate. Not being face-to-face with your colleagues every day does not mean you should simply pretend that they don't exist. Being at the...
virtual team
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How to Keep Your Virtual Team Engaged

There’s no doubt the world of work is changing. The internet, the cloud and apps have successfully untethered work from the office. You can run your business from anywhere, which minimizes startup costs and creates a culture of flexibility. Your lean startup has the potential to thrive as you channel the savings into marketing and...
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How to Successfully Manage a Remote Startup Team

As more employees opt to work remotely, marketing managers struggle to find ways to keep teams connected and working together digitally. Individuals want to feel as though they are part of the team but that they also have the independence to work from afar. This dynamic can prove difficult for managers who want to increase...
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Top 6 Mistakes That Virtual Startups Make and How to Learn from Them

Discussions on the failure rate of startups don’t necessarily paint a bright picture. Forbes put this number at around 90 percent, while the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics state that about 50 percent of new startups fail within five years. Another study by CB Insights shows that startups usually fail within 20 months after their last funding round. At...
Google Adwords
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This Startup Helps Small Businesses Build Brand Awareness with Google AdWords

Partners Bjorn Espenes and Eric Maas founded Finch in 2009 to improve online performance for digital advertisers and grow their profit. They built a software platform specifically to handle large product catalogs and manage retailers’ Google AdWords programs. Their inspiration for the company’s name was the small, adaptive bird species that played an important role in...
Adafruit industries
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Adafruit Industries Uses Google Tools to Inspire

Limor "Ladyada" Fried, an MIT-trained electrical engineer, launched Adafruit Industries in 2005 to share and educate people about the fun and creativity of engineering. She started by writing a blog and selling DIY kits online so that people could build an MP3 player, cell-phone charger, or other useful devices. She also began offering online tutorials....