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7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Whether it’s a broken link, a spelling error, or worst of all, sending a message to the wrong audience, an email-gone-awry is never a good thing for a brand. With the growing success email marketing campaigns provide for small businesses, newsletters are an essential part of keeping and creating engaged customers. A good marketing strategy...
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Build an Irresistible Brand by Connecting with Your Audience

A veteran of marketing, public relations, branding and creative direction, SheBrand founder, Liz Dennery Sanders, has helped some of the world’s most iconic brands tell their stories. Recognizing that not everyone can afford her services, Sanders recently published a book called “Style & Substance: How to Create a Compelling Brand: A Guide to Women Who Want to...
content marketing
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5 Ways to Assess Whether Your Content Marketing is Doing Its Job

It’s a simple fact: even if you write consistent content for your startup's blog and website, you’re not guaranteed the results you want. Yet, not every entrepreneur takes the time to assess why they’re not succeeding with content marketing. As a result, they’re left believing that content marketing is an ineffective tool that they shouldn’t...
marketing budget
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5 Tips for Creating a Startup Marketing Budget

You're off to a great start this year, and you’re ready to invest more in marketing your startup or small business. Only, you’ve never actually created a marketing budget, you’ve always sort of winged it. Let this be the year you get serious about your marketing plan and spending! Use these tips to help create a...
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Roles, Goals and Worries: A Simple Framework for Understanding Your Audience

One of the key elements of an effective content marketing strategy is defining your audience. We often hear about developing personas for our key audiences. One simple framework you can use to develop your personas and create insightful, actionable profiles of your audience is RGW, or roles, goals and worries. I previously touched on this approach...
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Beyond Translation: Andovar’s VP of Marketing on Localizing Your Startup

In our increasingly global economy, savvy entrepreneurs look beyond their country’s borders for opportunity. But expanding to other parts of the world requires more than just translating your app or website to another language; it requires localizing. In a recent Skype chat, StartupNation talked to Jacob Stempniewicz, vice president of marketing at Andovar, a translation...
reverse engineering
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Content Innovation: Making a Case for Reverse Engineering

In the first article of this content innovation series, I made a pretty strong argument: that most companies are not innovating in their content or their programming, they are emulating. Emulation means that you are following someone else's lead, innovation or ideas. If you are Samsung and you are copying Apple's music sharing and app...
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Content Innovation: You’re Not Innovating, You’re Emulating

Innovation. A word so often used in business that it's become a cliché: applied to everything we do, everything we create, every campaign and every department. We trumpet that we are continually "new and innovative" and that everything we do is with an eye toward being disruptive. That, my friends, is not innovation. Webster defines "innovation" as the act...
Successful crowdfunding campaign
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How to Engage Your Community in a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Connecting with an engaged online community is key to a successful crowdfunding campaign. But it’s not enough to just gather followers and share your campaign. Once you’ve identified your community, it’s helpful to fine-tune your message by sorting your fans into one of three communities as outlined below. Each of these communities is looking for...