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Decode the Metaverse by Chris Duffey
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Decoding the Metaverse

This extract is from "Decoding the Metaverse" by Chris Duffey is ©2023 and is reproduced and adapted with permission from Kogan Page Ltd The Elements of the Metaverse Several elements make up the Metaverse. Without...
affiliate marketing
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Affiliate Marketing in the Metaverse: 6 Examples

It seems unbelievable that it was only five months ago that Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook would rebrand to Meta to become a metaverse company, sparking confusion and curiosity. Today, the metaverse has become a common...
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AI and Automation Trends for Startups in 2022

The automation trends for startups change from year to year as artificial intelligence (AI) advances. The pandemic of the last couple of years forced more companies online and moved customers to a more digital interface....