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4 Ways You Can Leverage Search to Grow Your Business

Ideating, launching and running a startup pulls entrepreneurs in a thousand directions. When your business requires all of your time, there’s not much remaining for learning the skills that help you share your idea with the world. Search marketing, the process of using search engines to draw awareness to a business and its offerings, can...
website design
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Take a New Approach to Website Usability for Better Conversions 

Websites have come a long way since 1995. Or have they? We’ve seen strides in design and coding, and many companies revamp their websites every few years to account for this. Updating your website’s design and code are critical, but many startups do this without taking into account the changing ways we use technology. Not...
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3 Marketing Lessons My Company Blog Has Taught Me

Here is a sentence I never thought I’d write: I’ve been writing a small business blog for eight years! Having started my career path as a lawyer and then later transitioning into entrepreneurship and CEO of my own company, identifying as a blogger was a title I never imagined I’d have one day. This is...
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Your Startup’s Website: A Complete Checklist

When you get your website right, it will do all the hard work for you. It will generate new customers, clients and sales. It’s often the first impression your business makes, so there’s a lot at stake when it comes to building your website. As an entrepreneur, you’ve already got the necessary vision to take...
Customer experience
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3 Ways to Maximize the Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Constant improvement and innovation of the customer experience is critical in today’s increasingly competitive retail marketplace. Also apparent is the need to strike the proper balance between service and value to create invaluable customer loyalty. Today, the best decision retailers can make is to invest in a robust, digitally-supported customer experience that is centered around...
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Organic Methods to Increase Your Website Traffic

If you are struggling to increase your website traffic, one of the reasons may be that your site is ranked poorly by Google. Your goal should be to improve your PageRank, which can be accomplished a number of ways. You must make sure your website is search engine optimized, that it works well on mobile...