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4 Business Goals for First-Time Entrepreneurs

As a first-time entrepreneur, your journey will be filled with opportunities for evolution, personal growth and the first taste of what it means to be your own boss. In order to achieve all of the big moments and milestones that come along with that title, you need to be strategic and intentional about your goals....
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How to Establish a Marketing Presence as a Lean Startup

When you first start your business, it’s expected that money will be tight — and most of it is probably going toward your startup's basic needs. When cash flow is limited, choosing what to prioritize can be intimidating, and the idea of marketing your business may seem out of reach. But believe it or not,...
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5 Hacks for Startup Marketing on a Budget

If you’re operating a startup, nothing’s more critical than getting your name out there and grabbing attention. The expense of marketing means many startups are effectively dead in the water before they get a chance to sail. Do you know how to pursue marketing efficiently and effectively while you’re on a tight budget? The challenge...
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10 Tips to Grow a Startup Without Breaking the Bank

Having a ground-breaking business idea is a great way to start your entrepreneurial journey, but it’s only the first step. To thrive in today’s market, you also need to know how to grow a startup business into an established company. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in growing a business from startup to a...
Growth hacker
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Growth Hacker Raymond Fong on Taking Your Startup From Zero to 60

Raymond Fong is co-author of “Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley's Best Kept Secret” and co-founder of Deviate Labs, a marketing agency that has consulted for companies including Dollar Shave Club, HelloGiggles, Shoedazzle and several businesses that have appeared on “Shark Tank.” We recently caught up with Fong to find out how startup founders can maximize their...
Referral program
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7 Steps to Implementing a Successful Referral Program

When it comes to marketing, there is no technique more effective than the power of the referral. Referrals from friends, family, colleagues and even celebrities have been some of the best ways for companies to spread the word and secure customers for centuries. Think of the last time you needed a new hairdresser, doctor, dentist...
Holiday season
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Holiday Season: 7 Ways to Knock Your Customers’ Socks Off

While you should be working to dazzle your customers year round, the holiday season represents a significant opportunity for you to really capture their attention. Here are some strategies you can use to make sure you go out with a bang in your customers’ minds. Send a handwritten holiday card This probably only works if you...