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WJR Business Beat
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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Business Impact of University R&D (Episode 173)

Where do the big ideas come from around which startup businesses originate? Well, certainly from the entrepreneurial community at large, and of course within businesses themselves large and small. Another significant source? University research labs. The University of Michigan is the public university reporting the largest R&D expenditures in all fields. Tune in to this...
Startup idea
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4 Steps to Researching Your Startup Idea Before Writing a Business Plan

When you come up with a new startup idea, it’s natural to get excited. You want to get things moving quickly, and you start envisioning what life would be like if you were in charge of a massively successful organization. Unfortunately, before you even start looking for a domain name, you’ll have to begin the grunt work...
market research
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How to Conduct Market Research

  Conducting market research can help provide  entrepreneurs a boost of confidence or send them back to consider changes to their strategy. Quite often the first thought that a new entrepreneur has is "I am going to be free - I am on my own; no boss; and no schedule!" This thinking is understandable but unfortunately...
"big box" store
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Sell your product to a “big box” store

How to sell your product to a "big box" store Introducing New Products Why is it that so many new products fail on the market? Usually many reasons. Companies often are so in love with their new product they fail to do their research or worse, ignore what the research tells them. Pricing or distribution...
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Business Models—Choosing a Business Model

When choosing a business model I always recommend that it be something that you are passionate about. It seems that when passion is lacking, it is harder to get up in the morning and to do the things that you need to do in order to work your business. So, that would be the first...
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How to Gather Competitive Research

Knowing that a market exists for your product or service is an important first step when launching a new venture, and who better to tell you about the market than your future competitors? You can start with their websites, web searches, and the Dunn and Bradstreet reports. But if you really want to learn about...
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A “normal” day for an entrepreneur

• Caffeine-up • Follow up with customers • Analyze website traffic • Move forward on strategy for growing customer base • Tweak strategy for growing customer base • Manage accounting activity • Re-caffeinate • Gain inspiration from a teammate (or the StartupNation community) • Analyze sales • Walk the dog (home-based businesses only) • Shipping...